A visual and intermedial artist, an academic teacher.

In 2002-2007 Katarzyna Tretyn studied in the art department
at the Nicolaus Copernicus University.

In 2021 she got her PhD on alma mater. In 2020 she habilitated
in the arts in fine arts and art conservation.

Since 2017 she has been working at Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology as a professor where she conducts painting and drawing classes.

Her individual originative way of art oscillates around her creative workshop.  The artist sees the future of art in new technologies, which should base on tradition. That’s why her workshop, first of all,
it’s a tradition of embroidery. The author’s art  instrumentation
is thread, by the use of which she creates paintings, objects and installations.

In her art, the light is also an important aspect. Exploiting new technologies an author illustrates the cosmic entourage with them.  She takes her inspiration from  science, but first of all, from astronomy. 

In her artwork, she inspires in science, and, first of all, in astronomy.
In 2015 she started cooperation with Aleksander Jabłoński’s Foundation and Astronomical Observatory in Piwnice near Torun.
The effect of this cooperation are artistic projects at the meeting point of two areas: art and science.

Basing on inspiration in science, the author  builds a  human metaphoric picture. As she claims, by the observation of the world
we get knowledge about ourselves.  

From the author

The development of my artistic personality I gain by setting new objectives. I don’t create spontaneously – hand motions are visible in notes and sketches preceding the design process. First, I create my artworks by development
(for example visiting the Astronomical Observatory).Then by word (when I note my thoughts and ideas born in the development phase), by note – to finish the artwork process working at a computer.

There is no place for mistakes or changing my mind. But my art is not devoid of some fondness, warmth and sensuous silence – both in the artwork process and the final art form.

To make my projects better I realize them piece by piece to prompt me to the most satisfactory solution. It is like working for all the time on one artwork and each work, which is created, is another step in the realization of the „big plan”.

By observing the world, we get knowledge about ourselves.  Searching for the identity of contemporary man through the study and discovery of the universe gives a rhythm to my art thinking and becomes a  prime mover.